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A "fair to table" dining experience to celebrate the lunar Chinese new year

A sensational global culinary journey to enjoy a delightful creations, boasting the freshness, authenticity, colours, fragrance, vibrancy and more.....
In the New Year, Café Kool brings the interactive dining experience to new heights, with native chefs showcasing their individuality, trained skills and varied cooking techniques.

They present a variety of new signature dishes, their home cooking and recipes handed down from previous generations to please the most discerning palate. A sensational global culinary journey as their senses feast on all-time favourites and delightful culinary creations, boasting the freshness, authenticity, colours, fragrance.

Featuring a ‘farm to table’ concept, the salad bar brings handpicked greens, fresh herbs and other nurturing elements from local farms to the dining table. The hotel’sExecutive Chef Paul Lenz stresses on the importance of sourcing high-quality fresh ingredients for the buffet tables and believes in supporting local farmers and servi…

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